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Togyzkumalak ("nine pebbles") is a Kazakh logic game, provided for two players.
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Culture of the Great Steppe
Kazakhstan is located in a very center of Eurasia, occupying a strategic location that facilitated an active exchange of not only goods, but also, the cultural and scientific achievements between the different people. A word of Turkic origin “Kazakh” means “Free man”, and Kazakhstan is a country that has historically been inhabited by freedom–loving nomads.

The Great Silk Road passed through the Kazakh lands, sable furs, as well as the gold, spices and silk were transported from Siberia through the endless steppes, making the region a key trade portal that connected East with West. Kazakhstan has been an important link in the chain of cultural, trade and economic relations between Asia and Europe, contributing to the cultural enrichment and economic prosperity of the region.
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