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/ East Kazakhstan region
East Kazakhstan region
East Kazakhstan region
The East Kazakhstan region is located in the Eastern part of Kazakhstan, on the border with Russia and China. In the West, the region borders with the Abai region. The East Kazakhstan region has the rich natural resources, including the forests, rivers, lakes and mountains. The highest point of the East Kazakhstan region is Mount Belukha. Besides that, the Altai and Saur-Tarbagatai mountains with eternal glaciers on their peaks stretch across the region. It bears noting that more than 40 percent of Kazakhstan’s total water reserves are concentrated in the region. The main river of the region is the Irtysh, and there are about a thousand lakes with an area of over one hectare in East Kazakhstan region. Major cities: Oskemen and Ridder.
Administrative capital
97 800 km2
(97 800)
732 966
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