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/ Abai region
Abai region
Abai region
Abai region is located in the Eastern part of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Its territory is the sixth largest among all regions of the country. A region borders both the internal and external borders of Kazakhstan. In the East, it is contiguous with the East Kazakhstan region, in the South – with the Zhetysu region, in the West – with the Karagandy region, in the Northwest – with the Pavlodar region, in the North – with Russia, and in the Southeast – with China. The Irtysh River flows through the region, as well as the Alakol and Sasykkol lakes. A significant part of the South-East of the region is occupied by the Tarbagatai ridge, whose heights reach 3,000 meters. As part of the regional administration, there are several large cities, including Semey, Ayagoz and Kurchatov.
Administrative capital
185500 km2
610 158
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