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When dreams come true or a new name-ADAM
His song "Zhurek" has garnered an incredible 5 billion views on YouTube, confirming the status of a real hit.

Kazakh singer ADAM, whose real name is Farukh Tokhtamuratov, has become a real discovery in the world of music, delighting millions of fans around the world, representing Kazakhstan.

Farukh, born in the village of Merke in the Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan on December 4, 1993, is a new phenomenon on the music scene under the pseudonym ADAM. An ordinary guy from a small town has become widely known since 2021. Thanks to his perseverance, of course, talent and stylish high-quality clips for his tracks ("Let's not get sick" and "Mom, I'm tired", etc.), he entered the top of many charts in the CIS countries and not only.

Unlike many pop artists, ADAM prefers live performance of his songs, giving them a special emotionality with an incredible range of sound and charisma, involving the audience in his musical journey. Despite the fact that he has an engineering degree, his true passion has always been related to music. He took a chance and followed his desire, and this decision brought him recognition and success.

ADAM shares his inner world with the public through his music, and his latest hit "Zhurek" is a sincerity and emotional depth that won the hearts of millions of fans in many countries of the world: Vietnam, Thailand, China, Europe. The singer's new track "Oilama" also did not leave his fans indifferent.

Now singer ADAM is preparing for his first European tour, which will take place from April 26 to May 6 in Hanover, Dublin and Madrid, and then from June 10 he will perform in China.

20 April, 2024
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