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A youth literary club has opened in the capital
The first meeting of the youth literary club was held in the capital. The event was held within the walls of the National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The young writers were supported at the meeting by the Minister of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aida Balayeva.

"Many types of art, such as theater, cinema, depend on the state of literature. Theatrical productions and films are created based on the works of writers and poets. Everything starts with literature, so we want to pay special attention to supporting young writers in creating a thematic club. It is necessary to discover new names not only in poetry, but also in all literary genres. For example, comics and works in the genre of "fantasy" are very popular among young people. It is also necessary to organize the book publishing of works by domestic authors, their translation into other languages, as well as the translation of works by foreign classics into Kazakh," Aida Balayeva noted.

The Youth Literary Club was first established under the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Its purpose is to support young writers, discuss topical issues of Kazakh literature, new trends and works, promote domestic authors, appeal to the public to popularize reading books. The first meeting of the youth literary club was attended by the best young writers from different regions of the country aged 18 to 35 years. Among them are the winners of the state youth award "Daryn" Bagashar Tursynbayevich, Merey Kart, Bakytbek Kadyr, Arman Sherizat, Zhadira Baybulanova, Batyrkhan Sarsenkhan and the winner of the presidential special literary award Olzhas Kasym, winners of international, republican poetry competitions Sayan Eszhan, Erik Naryn, Elaman Kabdilashim, Abai Oraz, Bibolat Satzhan and Aliya Inkarbek.

"I would like this club to serve as a literary agent - a guide between the writer and the publishing house. Thus, we will be able to help Russian writers become more famous and enter the international book market. It is necessary to translate not only our classics, but also modern authors into other languages, for example, into the languages of the Turkic peoples. We can seriously start exporting our literary products abroad," suggested poet Aliya Inkarbek, winner of republican contests.

10 May, 2024
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