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The movie "Operation Alarm" was released in the domestic rental
The premiere of the movie "Operation Alarm" took place in one of the capital's cinemas. The new feature film is based on real events.

It is dedicated to the most high-profile special operation of the Kazakh security forces. It reflects the events of February 1992 that took place in the south of Kazakhstan. In the plot: six particularly dangerous criminals, two of whom were sentenced to death, escaped while being transported by rail to Russia. One was later caught, and the other five boarded a regular bus and took passengers hostage. Special forces of the Kazakh police went to rescue people. An exciting story tells about the incredible efforts and entrepreneurial spirit of the guards in solving a difficult situation.

/Note that this operation is the first hostage rescue operation in the history of the Republic of Kazakhstan: in historiography it is described as Operation Nabat, according to the name of a pre-developed plan in case of hostage-taking. /

"Every role is special for an actor, it puts you in front of a certain challenge. And, of course, you try to approach with all professionalism and responsibility in order to reveal the image to the fullest. Besides, these events are really from the history of our country, I think that such films are especially needed by the audience. My hero is KGB Colonel Dauenov, he negotiated with criminals. According to sources, he lost 6 kilograms in one day of negotiations. He had a lot of responsibility, it's a lot of stress. And if one of the hostages was killed, he would be directly responsible for it. As an actor, it was also not easy for me to convey his feelings and character. We made a great team, we worked well with the director. He studied the history of this special operation in depth and therefore we followed his advice and instructions directly. Sometimes I offered to add something of my own to the vision of the hero, I think this is possible in the creative process," Bakhyt Khadjibayev said. 

The film is an exciting and emotionally intense genre of action film. The acting and thoughtful plot immerse you in the atmosphere of that time and make you sincerely worry about the characters.

"The most important thing is that this film is based on real events, on an interesting story. And, of course, we wanted this story to remain in the memory of our viewers. I think the film can be shown to everyone and, most importantly, do not be ashamed of this film. A very good, high-quality movie. I think the audience should see and appreciate the film, which is a great example of how the art of cinema can unite people, make us empathize and admire the heroism of ordinary people in the most difficult situations. We are confident that Operation Nabat will resonate with a wide audience and leave an unforgettable impression on every viewer," said Azamat Satybaldy, President of the Kazakhfilm Film Studio.

The director of the film is Rashid Suleimenov. The composer was Renat Aubakirov. Famous actors are involved in the film: Bakhyt Khadjibaev, Alexey Shemes, Aigerim Zhunusova and Sergey Bykov.

01 May, 2024
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