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Kyrgyz cinema in Kazakhstan
The Days of Kyrgyz Cinema were presented in the capital. The start was marked by the screening of the film "Beyish enenin tamaninda" ("Paradise under the feet of mothers").

The film reveals the amazing story of 35-year-old Adil, a special person whose mental development remained at the level of an 8-year-old child. Adil lives in a small village with his 75-year-old mother, Rayhan apa. Mom always told Adil that the Almighty loves him "in a special way, and therefore he will go straight to Heaven." However, Adil doesn't want to go to Heaven without his mom.

One day, he learns from an 8-year-old boy that if he "takes" his mother on foot to the holy city of Mecca, she can go to Heaven. And this Journey begins. This is a film about the power of a mother's love for her son, that only kindness and an open heart of different people of faith and nationalities will help humanity overcome all difficulties. The film allows the audience to immerse themselves in the amazing landscapes and cultural features of the various regions through which the journey of Adil and his mother passes.

It should be noted that most of the shooting of the Kyrgyz film "Beyish Enenin tamanynda" took place on the territory of Kazakhstan.

"On the eve of the visit of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic to Kazakhstan on April 18-19, we organized several events. Among them are the Days of Kyrgyz Cinema in Astana, previously held in Almaty. We open them with a film where the main plot is how the son "takes" his mother to Mecca. It is also symbolic that we show it in the month of Ramadan. It should be noted that this film was released in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan at the same time. In four days, he broke the box office record - he collected more than a million dollars, pushing aside all Hollywood blockbusters at the local box office. We hope that within the framework of the Days of Kyrgyz Cinema, the audience will also like the film," said the Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to Kazakhstan, Dastan Dyushekeev.

As part of the Days of Kyrgyz Cinema, the film "Tenirberdi" ("Child of Heaven") was also presented for screening.The film reveals the theme of ethical values in a light, comedic genre. Other events will be held as part of the strengthening of cultural relations between the two countries. "This is the opening of the Forum of Elders and Creative Intelligentsia, a Forum of scientists, the opening of a monument to the main character of the Kyrgyz epic "Manas", as well as a concert with the participation of the best performers of the two countries," Chairman of the Committee of Culture of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kumis Seitova said at a meeting with media representatives.

13 July, 2024
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