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From Paris with love. Bayan Zhanbauova
Almost all the most significant things that happen in the life of Kazakhs in Paris can be found in Bayan's stories. She is not a "millionaire" celebrity on social networks, she is a "handmade women" and continues to represent and discover talented representatives of the Country of the Great Steppe-Parisians.

Along the narrow streets of attractive Paris, a fragile figure stands out with an original headdress - a beaded Kazakh skullcap. Perhaps in a light doublet, with ringing earrings or a pendant, with colorful Kazakh bracelets on refined wrists. Of course, this is not an everyday outfit, but there are always one or two details from the national wardrobe. This is the Bayan of Zhanbauov. She has been living in France for several years. Once she came from Astana to the French capital to get her third higher education at the prestigious University of Paris-Dauphine.

Bayan Zhanbauova is from Aktobe region. In Kazakhstan, she worked as a lawyer in national and foreign companies in the oil and gas industry and in international organizations. After arriving in Paris, she began working in insurance and finance with a master's degree. But her real passion has always been the world of high fashion.

Deciding to pursue her hobby in her free time, Bayan organized the first fashion show with the participation of five Kazakhstani designers. In a city dominated by the global fashion and beauty industry, it was a significant event for Kazakhstanis. It was 2017, and this show turned out to be incredibly successful, arousing great interest from the French public.

This is how the KazFashionParis association was born, the main purpose of which was to promote and popularize Kazakh art, fashion and handicrafts abroad. Since then, several screenings, workshops and fashion shows have been held. "Our task is to introduce the French to the culture of Kazakh traditional clothing, open the way for young Kazakhstani designers and connect them with famous French fashion houses," Bayan says.

Paris is one of the most beautiful and elegant cities in the world. Every owner of a sewing studio dreams of bringing the best of his creations to Paris for a fashion show. But it should be noted that fashion houses from many regions of Kazakhstan are already boldly participating in fashion shows not only in Paris, but also in London, Milan and New York. The fashion industry in Kazakhstan is currently developing rapidly, as the general trend of globalization has opened up many opportunities. We are pleased with the growth of fashion events, the communicative connections of designers and successful collaborations of famous boutiques and brands, the influence of the fashion industry on the economy of Kazakhstan, the increase in the share of the country's promotion through this attractive sector.

With Kazakh designer Altynbek Ermukhanov

As you know, Fashion Weeks are held at the world Center of Culture and Art 4 times a year. The "weeks" at the beginning and middle of the year are considered high fashion ceremonies, and the "weeks" held in spring and autumn represent fashion collections for casual wear.

"So far, at Paris Haute Couture Week in 2008, there was only one representative from Kazakhstan who took advantage of the international opportunity to showcase a collection with elements of nomadic clothing culture, it was a designer from Oral Kenzhe Devyatko.

The KazFashionParis community is developing rapidly. It includes several Kazakhstani designers and fashion houses, and cooperation agreements have been concluded with associations of designers from various regions of Kazakhstan. "It's wonderful when our creative people win the hearts of Paris," Bayan notes.

At Haute Couture Week.Paris.2024

Recently, a show of the popular Nur Shah Fashion House in Kazakhstan took place at the official Haute Couture Week in Paris. It was a significant event that took a lot of time and effort to prepare. "This is an important step for us, which shows that our national creativity can compete on the world fashion stage," Bayan shares his impressions, "and our task is to introduce the French to the culture of Kazakh traditional clothing, open the way for young Kazakhstani designers, show directions, introduce famous French fashion houses, be a link in a fashionable environment to participate in the prestigious Paris Fashion Week. The support of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in France and personally Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ms. Gulsara Arystankulova in a number of events is very important here. I am very grateful to them."

With Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Kazakhstan to France Gulsara Arystankulova

In addition to his work in the fashion industry, Bayan is also actively involved in the cultural life of Paris. She is a member of various Kazakh associations. She taught dombra and Kazakh language lessons at the Korkyt-Abai Cultural Center at the Embassy. Every year he actively participates in the organization of Nauryz celebrations together with Kazakhs living in Europe.

At the V Festival of Kazakh Cinema in Paris. 2023

"We should be proud of our origin and culture, representing Kazakhstan in the world," Bayan says. "Each of us abroad is an ambassador of our country."

05 April, 2024
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