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70 works of famous Uighur artists of Central Asia in painting and graphics
The Abylkhan Kasteev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosts an exhibition from the private collection "Works of Uighur artists of Central Asia (paintings, graphics)" dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the collector, philanthropist, poet and writer Prince Azat Akimbek.

Prince Azat Akimbek is a world–renowned collector, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan. From 1972 to the present day, he has managed to collect a unique collection of works of Uighur folk applied art created by masters of East Turkestan, Kashgar, Khotan, Turfan, Kuchar, Aksu and other cities. He organized and held 74 exhibitions in Kazakhstan, as well as in other countries.

The exhibition features more than 70 works by Uighur artists. All of them are world-renowned masters who are active in the creative arena. This generation of creators, who have received professional education and recognition, are natives of Almaty and Almaty region. In a word, they are mature artists who have passed their creative path, with an established worldview and a broad outlook. 

The history of the development of Uighur fine art in Kazakhstan can be called unique. The Uighur ethnic group is a large group living on Kazakh soil for several generations. The peculiarities of the Uighur artistic culture are the respectful and careful preservation of traditional Uighur art and its development in the modern decorative, applied, musical and dance spheres. The beginning of professional fine art in the Uighur environment rightfully belongs to Avakri Shamsi (Abubakir Shamsutdinov (1903-1987)), as well as in the Kazakh - Abylkhan Kasteev. Through the pictorial fixation of the dramatic events of distant years, A. Shamsi primarily shows the desire of his people for independence and freedom.

The viewer is presented with unique works by artists who have worked and are working in professional art – in painting and graphics: People's Artist of Uzbekistan, Academician of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan Medat Kagarov, winner of the gold medal of the International Exhibition in Cannes (France. 2005) Abdukarim Isa, member of the Union of Designers of Kazakhstan, Professor of the KAZGAS Arken Zulfikar Faculty of Design, People's Artist of Uzbekistan, Academician of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, Honorary Academician of the Academy of Arts of Russia Lekim Ibragimov, Honored Worker of Culture of Kyrgyzstan Sabit Babajanov, Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Academician of the Academy of Arts of Kazakhstan Akhmet Akhat, President of the Academy of Arts of the People's Republic of China Kerim Nasirdina et al.

The exhibition will last until May 1, 2024

At the address: Almaty, Koktem-3

24 April, 2024
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