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V thousand years BC — the middle of the XV century.


1991 - present. time

V thou. years

the appearance of stone tools and ceramics on the territory of Kazakhstan

IV—III thou.

the appearance of copper products and tools, the period of the Botai culture

II thou.

Petroglyphs of the archaeological landscape of Tanbala

Beg. II thou.

ore mining, the transition to nomadic cattle breeding. Andronovo culture is the worship of the sky, the sun, and fire. Horse Sacrifice

XII thou.

certificate of the appearance of the yurt

XII—VIII cent.

dating of Begaza-Dandybaev megalithic mausoleums

I thou.

the appearance of stone balbals on the territory of Kazakhstan

VI—V thou.

dating of the mound of the Issyk "golden man", attributed to the Saka period

III—V thou.

3rd to 6th centuries BC – Dating of the Konyrtobe burial ground, testifying to the "Otyrar oasis" of antiquity and the early Middle Ages

VI-VII thou.

the first Turkic Khaganate development of trade and stabilization of the Great Silk Road

VI-XI thou.

creation of the Merke Turkic Sanctuary


The Battle of Talas, the confrontation between the Arab Caliphate and the Chinese Tang Dynasty. The spread of paper, the arrival of Islam in Central Asia, the spread of Arabic writing in the region

VIII-X thou.

monuments of ancient Turkic writing in Central Asia


the beginning of the Horde period, the formation of statehood


the rise to power of Khan Berke in the Golden Horde. Increased construction of cities, caravanserais, mosques, minarets


- the beginning of the reign of Uzbek Khan. Islam becomes the state religion of the Golden Horde; - development of caravan trade


the period of life and work of the Legendary poet of the Kazakhs, Nogais and Karakalpaks Asan Kaigi


construction of the mausoleum of Khoja Akhmet Yassawi in Turkestan